It was SO embarrassing!

Embarrassing moments have been recorded in word, pictures, movies, and videos. We all have them – some of us probably have a few more than others.
I suppose that my most embarrassing moment happened in the kitchen. I had worked all day preparing an early Thanksgiving dinner for my mother-in-law, my immediate family, and my best friend who was visiting from ireland. Cooking is not my favorite activity and at that point in time I had never prepared a Thanksgiving meal all by myself. Those duties had been shared with my mother and my husband, who are both good cooks and enjoy doing so. Preparing the bird is always my husband’s job – except for this time which has proven to be the only time I was allowed to cook the bird!
To continue with the story – my family left that morning on an outting thinking it would be better if I were left alone to prepare the feast. My Irish girlfriend stayed behind to keep me company and assist in the kitchen, however, she knew less about cooking a bird than I did. We grumbled about having “to do” for everyone else but started having a fun time despite ourselves. When it came time to begin work on the bird neither of us knew where to find the giblets. We knew there was a cavity that they would be packed in but we didn’t realize there were two cavities to the bird so we began to look in the wrong end. Finally, we gave up and proceeded to cook the bird thinking this one just didn’t come with giblets.
When the bird was done and the family had returned we sat down to the table as my Irish friend began to speak, “This bird has writing on his backside!”
Yes, you guess it – we had cooked the giblets, which were in the cavity that we didn’t inspect, and they were wrapped in newspaper which was now showing through in bold writing. At least we were able to read and entertain ourselves while we ate and the incident has given my mother-in-law a good tale to tell at many, many gatherings.
A friend who resides here in Munday reported that one warm day in the fall she was enjoying the weather and taking a walk around the downtown area when the elastic on her slip broke and the garment fell to the sidewalk right in front of the bank! She had no way to recover from the event except to step out of the now crumpled garment, pick it up off the sidewalk, stash it in her purse and continue on her way! This she managed to do in a matter of seconds but, since this is a small town, it only took one person looking in her direction and soon the news was spreading far and wide!
Once, while I was in college at Texas Tech University, I was working at a marching band contest as a gopher for one of the judges. This position allowed me a bird’s-eye view of the various high school bands who were competing but there was one musician in particular that I will always remember, and so will everyone else who was in attendance.
This young trombonist was positioned right smack on the front row of the band. The group marched in formation to the area directly in front of the judges and stopped there to play a concert number. Without a moment of warning the young lads pants fell to the ground! Now, being a trombone player left him in a very difficult position since a trombone has quite a bit of length to it and made pulling up his pants from a grounded position a treacherous job. While the people in the stands were howling uncontrollably the bands-member took off, pants held up in one hand and trombone in the other, to rejoint the now moving marching band! I don’t remember if the band was awarded a first division or not, I think the judges were so doubled over with laughter that they missed most of the performance.
As we all know, kids have a great way of embarrassing their parents. Some acquaintances had gone to the city to purchase a new Suburban and ended up having to stay the night in a motel in order to complete paperwork the next day. When they took their six-year-old to school late the next morning their son quickly explained to his teacher, “Mommy and Daddy bought the bourbon last night and we had to stay in a motel ‘cause they couldn’t drive the new car.”
And speaking of cars and parents, my Mom had one of these embarrassing moments during an episode that we now refer to as “The Day Mom Got Stuck at Stuckey’s.” When I was in high school, Mom, my sister, and I had made a trip to Abilene to visit my older brother. On the way home we stopped at a Stuckey’s to grab a snack and visit the facilities. We made our visit to the restroom first, then walked around looking at souvenirs, getting a soda and a snack, then proceeded on our way. It was at that point that my sister took a good look at Mom and realized there was a six-foot piece of toilet paper hanging out from underneath her blouse.
My sister-in-law tells a good tale on her mom. One week-end while her parents were visiting in their home they went to church and were excited to see that the grandson’s girlfriend and her parents had decided to join the congregation. As was the custom, at the end of the service the new family stood in front of the church while well-wishers came by to greet them. One astute gentleman noticed something hanging down from the bottom of her mother’s dress and, as my sister-in-law reports, reached down to retrieve the foreign object. He pulled, and pulled, and he pulled. Now standing several feet way – at the other end of the stretched out material that was still connected to the mother, and to her horrors, she realized she had put on a pair of panty hose that had another pair mistakenly attached under the waist band of the original pair! The pastor had to release the congregation without a benediction because no one could stop laughing long enough to pray.
All of us have these moments! Maybe it’s best if we just “fess up” and allow others to enjoy them with us!

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