Almost There!

My husband and I work together which is a good thing most of the time. I’m sure he gets a little weary of my company but he is mostly a good sport about it. From the time we started dating we have always been together – back in what I refer to as our “younger and thinner” years we played music for a living so we became accustomed to being together 24/7. It just seems natural to me to be around him, even at work.
Most mornings he leaves the house a little before I do. I’m usually busying throwing some laundry in the machine, vacuuming, or something like that so I think it’s my privilege to be a little later arriving at the office. This morning when he left I piped up with “OK, I’m almost there!” – meaning it wouldn’t be long before I actually arrived at work. That saying isn’t what I usually chime in with but it certainly made me think about it’s meaning for most of the day.
When my oldest boy was little and we were traveling he would ask, “Are we almost there?” We usually traveled long distances because we played music every week-end in a different location and when we traveled home for the holidays it was an extended car-ride – from Maryland to Texas and back. Many times he wasn’t satisfied with our answer of “No, we’re not almost there” so we started telling him “We’re almost, almost there.” Meaning, we still had a ways to go before we were actually “almost there.”
Isn’t that the way of life? I began to ask myself questions all day. Is my life almost over and am I almost to heaven? Am I where I want to be spiritually or am I just “almost there?” Have I got my dog trained the way I want or are we just "almost there?’ (Stupid, I know – but I enjoy training my dog!) What about my working life? No, I’m definitely not there and I don’t think I’m even “almost there.” There are alot of things I could do better, that’s for sure. Have I got my kids trained up in the way I hope they go or are we just “almost there?”
There are so many areas of my life that are just “almost there.” I know I need to strive to be better in many, many ways (some people actually point that out to me! ha!) and with each turn I’m finding more things that are just “almost there.”
Wow! Tomorrow I may try to beat Jay to the office so that my mind won’t be so boggled all day! As a matter of fact, I’m almost there, now!

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