The Road Forks

Have you ever had a day that you simply wished wouldn’t ever come to pass? That’s the way today was for me. I had hoped that I could just forget about the entire day – but things didn’t work like that. Like most other other dreaded days they come and then they’re gone. But today turned out to be a wonderful day. Funny? Sometimes I think it’s just all in the perspective.
I had to “report” back to the good ole’ doctors office today and that’s all I could associate with the the coming of the 7th of October. I had been through with chemo since August 29th and finally I was beginning to feel like my old self. My husband told someone a few days ago that I was “spoiled.” It was hard for me to tell him that he was right! I have gotten so use to so many people doing fantastic acts of kindness for me that I have become quite rotten! My husband, who is supposed to be on a diet (!) even told his cardiologist that so many people from our community and our church had treated us to wonderful dinners since my cancer diagnosis that he couldn’t loose weight. LOL! An excuse – yes. But a vary valid excuse. (Anyway – I ramble on!)
We were up and out early due to having to get to the doctor’s office early. Even my fourteen-year-old didn’t mind getting up earlier than usual and asked if we could take him on to school so he could get extra help with biology. Man! That was different! A high schooler wanting to go to school early and work with a teacher – what a concept! And here I was still dark and gloomy because I didn’t “get my nap out.”
My husband was his jovial self on the drive. He always manages to put me in a better mood with his dry wit. We even managed to have a productive conversation about other matters.
Once I arrived at the radiologists I was greeted by the most friendly and helpful people I’ve ever been associated with in a place that has ten-fold more troubled and sick patients than I. You couldn’t help but smile and be happier. The doctor was a woman about my age (that’s fairly old!) who was so informative I couldn’t even think of a question she hadn’t answered. The nurse was fantastic and the technician that ran the scans and gave me the dreaded radiation tatto was a jewel. Hey, this wasn’t turning out too bad after all. My sister had given me the low-down on what to expect about the first radiation clinic visit since she has “been there and done that!” I don’t know if it was her big sister quality advice or my feeble mind but I was very relaxed and made it out of the scanners in tip-top shape. I felt almost like I had been in a Nascar race due to the sound the machines made and that was probably the worst part of the visit – this was a breeze!
Back up-stairs after my doctor visit I ran over to the chemo room where I knew my sister was sitting getting pumped full of chemicals. It is not a fun thing to have to sit there while poison is being drained into your body. however, she looked great! Yes, we are still sporting matching bald heads but we didn’t care – we sat there with our caps off and watched the bags empty into her system. She was feeling good though and I was so glad to see her. She really wanted to talk about the first grandbaby they are expecting, her recent cruise with her three girls (which we were afraid she wouldn’t feel like making), and an up-coming trip to San Antonio for her husband’s “Viet Nam” reunion of his Army company.
Finally back at work the ever faithful Crystal had the newspaper in fine shape. Bless her heart. I’m telling you – I probably had less work to do at the office this week than I have had in many past weeks. I was so derailed by the feeling that I would be desperately behind at work that I could hardly think of anything else from our last deadline day until today. Just goes to show you that there are others around you who can replace you and who could probably do a much better job in many, many areas.
This evening I ran to take some pics of a sweet couples interesting flower bed and the young gentleman who lives there ran out to visit. It was so nice of him to take the time and I really enjoyed the few minutes we spent in his front yard. He was so personable and fun to talk to.
Then I ran in the neighborhood grocery store and a young woman waved me down in the parking lot. She wanted to tell me how her mom had been a breast cancer survivor for eighteen years. She told me the entire story and I listened with open and interested ears. People have a unique way of inspiring you, don’t they? This particular person has had a much harder live than I have and she was so eager just to up-lift me, it really meant a great deal to me.
I then ran by the “burger joint” to grab a few discounted hamburgers – a Tuesday night tradition here in our hometown. When the drive-in window had a long, long line I decided to go inside to pick up my order. Once in the little dining area I was greeted by Karsyn and Kade – 2 of my favorite kids in town – and their precious father. I enjoyed my hugs! There were several other friends there enjoying their meal and I got to visit with neighbors and catch up on their families news.
Back at home for the evening I was so encouraged that I just couldn’t resist telling all my friends that their most dreaded days could become a blessing like mine had become.
Then the phone rang and one of the greatest blessings ever became reality. There are eighteen friends from my church and several from the community who have set up a car-pool to get me back and forth to the 75 mile one way daily radiation visits that will start up on Monday. These fantastic people are willing to give up approximately four hours of their days and gallons of gasoline just to help a friend in need. That, my friends, will humble anyone.
Now to the serious part of this written conversation. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My husband and I use to kid around that he was “Aware” of breasts every month. Well, that’s not the general attitude I wish to convey but then again it is. Only please put in that phrase that includes the cancer part. LOL. I want my daughter, my neices, my sisters-in-law, my friends and all females out there to promise to get a mammogram. This is not a fun disease and I don’t want a single person that reads this to have to endure chemo and all the awful aspects of breast cancer. There are many in the same category as I am in – we will be more than fine when all this is said and done. But the reality is that a huge number of women are not as lucky as I am. It doesn’t take long and it costs nothing to do self-exams. I know, I know – nobody wants to do that but it is highly, highly important. So go on now, do an exam or go to the doctor, I don’t care which – just do it!
And the most important thing I wish for all those being treatment, who have been treated, or who were just diagnosed – I wish that you all could have the kind of friends and support that I have received.

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