OMG - I got 2 features!

I just wanted to say thanks to rb and many of my friends on this fun site. My photo “Endurance” was recently featured in the Living Christianity group and also the Picture of Scripture group. I was SO pleased – I can’t tell you what a lift it gave me. When I look at the “features” page on each of the groups I belong to I see such incredible photos and works that I am very humbled that one of mine would be included.
Also – thanks to so many who have left comments and favorited one of my photos. I know it’s hard to respond to everyone who uploads something new and it is also time consuming, but I really, really appreciate it.
I am so over-whelmed by the quality of the work that the artists on rb upload – it always gives me a new creative concept and helps me look toward improving on any of my hobby type photos. I thank you all for your inspiration, patience, and kindness.

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