Cancer "bug" bites!

OK – so I’m not so indestructible after all. All my thoughts that I might fly thru this chemo thing have gone out the window – and it went quickly, I might add!
My first chemo experience was Monday of this week. All went pretty well that day and on Tuesday I was really encouraged because I didn’t feel TOO bad at all. I did have “noodle legs” as my sister calls it – you know, you feel like your legs are not going to hold you up. I was also a little light headed but then I’ve been that way for years, according to kids!
Wednesday broke warm and windy – Wednesday’s are always busy for us, getting the papers printed, labeled, in the mail, or delivered. I had given up about 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday getting the Munday paper ready. Since I had missed all of Monday at the office I knew that I would be behind so I was expecting a hard day – at 9:00 p.m. I didn’t lack much so I decided to go home and start afresh on Wednesday.
It didn’t take me long to get the paper ready on Wed. morn – good thing, since I was feeling very weak and kind of quesy. I kept managing to talk myself out of being really sick – ah, yes – I am SO strong!
Wednesday about 5:30 I went home to start cooking for the youth group at church. It was my turn (along with my daughter) and we decided to fix “Sloppy Joe’s” – that would be easy, fast, and we could keep it warm in a crock pot.
When that good ‘ole American beef began to brown in the skillet I knew I was in trouble. The smell was REALLY making me quesy! I grabbed the medication I had been given, downed a table, and within about two minutes I could stand it no longer. I began the race to the bath room to hug the old porcelain throne.
That was the beginning of the time when I discovered I wasn’t invinceable after all!
Lucky for me the medication I was taking really “knocked me on my butt” and I was able to sleep – with short excursions to the bathroom and “the throne”. I was in bed for many, many hours – barely waking up enough to see who got booted from “Idol” (sorry Brooke, I was afraid it was your turn but I still can’t understand why we have to listen to Jason – he should have been gone a long time ago!).
Thursday morning when the alarm clock sounded I knew I was in trouble. My husband was to have a heart catherization in Abilene on Thursday but I promptly announced to him without a “I’m so sorry” tone in my voice, “Honey, I can’t do this. I can’t possibly go to Abilene with you today!” So off I sent him by himself into the long cold halls of Hendrick Medical Center.
My daughter came by at 9:15 to find me still in bed. She donned her Florence Nightingale hat and immediately brought me some toast and something to drink. “You can’t get dehydrated so you’ve got to drink this down.” In a while she felt comfortable enough to leave me and run to the grocery store for some supplies. All the while she was on the phone arranging a trip back for “Poppie” from the hospital since he would’t be allowed to drive himself.
When she and her husband left the house it was almost noon. The dogs and I were sacked out on the bed. They didn’t leave me at all – I think they knew that “mom” just wasn’t right.
My daughter made it back home in time to pick all the kids up from school. That was a flying trip but she made it. Shortly before the kids got in from school I was really enjoying the peace and quiet of the house and thanking God that it had been quiet all day. But when their cute little voices filled the air spaces and they came in to hug me I realized that I was SO glad to have them all back at the house. It wasn’t long before Sam arrived with “Poppie” who had gotten a very good report from his tests!
That evening my girl Florence (Andrea) went back to the grocery store, made a great supper for everyone, cleaned up the kitchen (knowing how I hate a dirty kitchen she probably couldn’t believe that I hadn’t touched it since Monday evening) and even did a load of laundry. I’m telling you – the first chance I get that girl is going on a shoe shopping sale on me! (We can’t resist a good shoe sale!)
After everyone left I walked out to my car to retrieve some Tylenol that I had bought. The concrete on the patio was warm to my bare feet, the wind wasn’t blowing at all, and the Texas stars were shining brightly over the freshly leaved trees. “Aw, there are many reasons why I’m taking chemo.” I thought. 1.) To enjoy more hours of lying in the bed with Andrea there too while we watch some ridiculous day-time TV show, 2.) To rest in a quiet place and enjoy a nap, 3.) To hear the kids and grandkids excited voices as they talk about everything and anything 4.)to enjoy warm and fuzzy hugs from the same 5.) to rejoice in a good report from my husband 6.) To enjoy all the miracles of life that have been so generously given to us from our Lord and Savior.
Remember friends, smile first, smile often, smile big!

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