Matilda’s Golden Kiss

It was a cold winter morning and Matilda had just finished putting her breakfast dishes away for the day. Matilda was excited about a book her mother gave her. It was sitting on her bedroom desk just waiting for her to read it. Now that the dishes were put away, she could run to her bedroom, and read her new book.
Matilda grabbed her book and jumped on to her bed. She looked at the handsome cover and saw a symbol on it. It shined gold colors on the cover. The title of the book read, “The Magic Kingdom” As Matilda opened the book, it acted magical and the story came to life.
Matilda read the first few line of the story, “Once upon a time in the world of fairies and Princes, a castle stood far off in the distance that was ruled by a fine prince”. At that moment she seemed to jump into the storyline. A fantastic kingdom came into view.
Without warning, Matilda turned into a fairy. She wore a lovely pink dress. Matilda realized she had wings on her back and so she tried them out for size. “Oh! This was going to be fun” said Matilda. She flew around and around and then realized how scenic the territory was that she entered into. On one side were high snowcapped mountains, and the other side was a lake surrounded by tall trees.
Suddenly in the far distance, Matilda saw a horse feeding on some shrubs. She also saw a man standing near the horse. Quickly she flew closer to see who they might be. The man dressed in a green and blue jump suite, a German hat topped his head, but he had no wings. Matilda thought he must be somebody important in this valley. She flew a bit closer and the man just swished his hand and said, “Be gone fairy. I don’t need you.” Matilda saw that he had a royal crest on his shirt. “He must be the Prince of the castle or somebody who works there.” thought Matilda. When Matilda looked up, she saw the two ride towards the castle.
Well Matilda was very curious about the valley she had entered into. She just loved flying about the lake and flowers that surrounded the area. Suddenly she saw a house standing near the edge of the forest. She flew closer and saw a small man stooping over some boxes and spinning wheel. He was a short, farm like, character. He had a long white beard, he had a bright red nose and cheeks, wore a pair of brown overalls, and spoke in a grumpy old way. The man was working hard trying to spin some gold from a spinning wheel and he just complained how lousy the wheel worked. When he saw Matilda from the corner of his eye he stopped his task and said, “What do you want fairy? There is nothing here. I am busy go away.” The fairy flew closer and saw the beautiful gold he crafted from the wheel. She asked, “Do you spin this beautiful gold?” “Yes” said the old man. “What about it?” “May I take a bit to the castle?” “For what cause and price may I ask fairy?” “It is for the Prince, and I can pay you for a share of tasks around here for money.” “My gold is priceless, Fairy, Your tasks better be good then.” said the old man. “When the Prince sees this fine gold he will want much more and he will make you even wealthier.” said Matilda.
Matilda grabbed some strands of gold and flew off towards the castle. “I will return for your chores later today, I promise.” “You better,” said the old man.
Matilda flew towards the mountains then turned right, straight towards the Princes castle. When she arrived near the castle gates she hid herself between the gates entrance. She had to think how she would approach the handsome Prince. Yes, I would wait until he would go outside for his afternoon ride. As time went on, she thought about making a gift out of the strands of gold for the Prince. She looped the gold threads into braids and then tied it together like a large necklace. “Perfect,” she thought. Now I can embrace him with fine gold.
At last the Prince entered the garden and went towards his grand horse. Together they trotted to the gate for his afternoon ride. When the gate opened wide, Matilda flew directly alongside the Prince and wrapped the necklace around his neck. The Prince stopped his horse and stared at the gift of necklet that was around his neck. He thought, “Where did this come from? It is charming.” Matilda flew in front of him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. The Prince slapped his face thinking it was a fly trying to bite him. Then he realized it was the fairy again. “Fairy, you again, be gone fairy.” At that moment something magical happened to the fairy. She grew three times in size, and her wings fell to the ground. She had turned into a picturesque Princess after she had kissed the Prince. All the Prince could do is gaze at the striking lady.
The Prince offered his hand and the Princess gracefully took it. She jumped on top of the horse and together they rode off into the sunset. The old man’s chores would have to wait for another time.
As they rode off, Matilda seemed to drift away. Her eyes closed for a few moments and before she realized it, she was back in her room on her bed closing her book. “What a great story?” said Matilda.

The End

Matilda’s Golden Kiss

Monica Engeler

Little Falls, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

A fairytale story for all who loved Snow White and the beauty of that magic kiss of love.

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