Circus Dreams

One morning Billy heard loud music playing. It sounded like it was coming from outside the house. Billy ran to the front door and opened it. He saw a band of circus trucks and clowns walking down his street. “The circus is coming to town”, Billy cried out. Billy just smiled with joy and waved to them as the circus trucks drove by. "Come see the show, we will be in town for the next week. "Cried the driver.
Billy was so excited, he ran and asked his parents if he could go see the circus once. He had never been before. Off course you can go. We will go over the weekend. Thank you said Billy and gave his parents a big hug.
Billy was so excited all he could think of was seeing the circus. He found some old balls and tried to juggle them, but failed miserably trying. He was determined to learn how to juggle. He asked his dad if he could help him but he said, “I have no idea how to, ask mom maybe she knows how to.” Billy ran to his mom and asked her too, but she too said," I don’t know how to. You will have to just practice a lot until you can do it." “Okay.” said Billy.
Finally Billy put the balls away and went to his room. He found a book of the circus and started to read it. He fell asleep and began to dream. He woke into a wonderful world of circus clowns, animal, acrobats, and gymnasts. Someone saw Billy and came to him and asked “Who are you? You must be knew here. I am AJ.” said the boy. " I am Billy, and where am I?" “You’re in one of the circus tents. Did you join the circus? Or did you run away? Or are you lost?” Asked AJ. " I don’t know, I was reading a book at home and found myself here." Said Billy.
Come Billy I will show you the circus while you’re here. Okay. Then in the distance a loud voice could be heard and one of the directors approached the boys and said. “Where are you going? We have a show to perform tonight.” " This is Billy he found his way here somewhere and doesn’t know where to go. I would like to show him around and find his way home." said AJ. “Okay, but be back for practice, and bring your friend if he likes too we could use him. Looks like a good act for the show.” Said the director. “Okay.” said the boys.
Together they ran off and saw, all the animals, and said hello to all the gymnasts, acrobats, and help until Billy realized it was getting late. " I have to go home, but I don’t know where to go. I think I am lost." Where do you live, do you remember?" asked AJ. I live in Brewerton. Oh I don’t know any town like that. You must be from somewhere else then." said AJ. “Must be. I can’t remember.” Come and join the circus then. We will give you food and a place to stay for now. The clown act can use you in their routine. It will be fun." “Okay.” said Billy. Billy followed AJ to the clown tent. AJ introduce Billy to the other clowns and said if they could use him for an act, and of course they said sure. He will do great with us.
“Can you juggle?” Asked one of the clowns. “A little. I tried to learn, but I didn’t do so well. Can you teach me?” “Yes. With a little practice you can learn it.” “Oh how exciting!” “Here are some balls. Start practicing.” Said the clown. As Billy practiced juggling, one of the clowns came over and said, Toss me a ball!" And Billy did so. They started to play catch and it became a game of fun between them. What an act. Everybody will love it.
That evening Billy got to perform his new act. The audience loved it. At the end of the show the director came over to Billy and congratulated him on a great performance. He asked Billy, “Would like to stay with us?” Billy looked happy then sad. I miss my family. I would like to go home too. " “Okay Billy it was nice to have you. It is time for you to go then.” Said the director. Billy hugged the director hard and somehow woke from his dream back in his room holding a pillow and a book. He realized he was dreaming. It seemed so real. Then his Mom called him and said, “It’s time to go to the circus. You ready?” “Yes, Mom.” Billy ran off and joined his parents. Together they went to see the circus.

Circus Dreams

Monica Engeler

Little Falls, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

Come see the show. Everybody dreams of going once in their life to the circus. Read my children story of Circus Dreams.

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