Upcoming Projects

Here are my upcoming projects in order of priority.

I’ve just finished choreographing a hip-hop number for my uni’s fall dance revue. Rehearsals are wrapping up and we perform in two weeks. The song is the Basement Jaxx remix of “Hoodie” by Lady Sovereign. Very catchy. The dance itself is fun, fast, complicated. I cast a number of non-dancers and put a lot of faith in them to learn some rather advanced moves. Hopefully the result will be impressive. The pre-professional dancer/choreographers at my school tend to refer to me as “the athlete” and I haven’t really broken into the clique. A lot hinges on the success of this piece, because if it turns out to be excellent, they will give me more creative license and allow me to cast the more experienced, coveted dancers in the future. Oh, and boys. We fight over the limited supply of males.

After the dance revue is over, my friend Chelsea and I will begin to compose songs and write the libretto for an independent musical. It’s called COLLEGE: The Musical and it’s the antithesis to everything that is High School Musical. For instance, there is no love story, and it contains such instant classics as “The Walk of Shame” and “Someone Puked in the Water Fountain.” (“Walk of Shame” is the big dance number.) I think you can tell where this is going. We’re going to film it, instead of performing live, and hopefully it will be done by the end of spring. I suppose recording the soundtrack is an upcoming project in of itself.

More dance projects:
1. I have a good idea for modern ballet for four or six dancers. It’s about puppet dolls coming to life at night and dancing to a music box. The working title is “the puppet dance,” ha ha. Some of it I’ve taken from the “Harlequin and Columbine” dolls duet from The Nutcracker_, [also here] and the traditional solo to Mussorgsky’s “Ballet Of The Unhatched Chicks” and the Gwen Stefani’s “Wind It Up” music video. However, I’ve invented a really interesting, original movement vocabulary. It’s going to be more serious and technique-driven. For part of it I’ll use Yann Tiersen’s=HWK1TzDISY&feature=related “Western.”

2. Something inspired by John Tisbury’s “Bondage Ballet” series. Wouldn’t that so so tight? I’ve never before danced with something that forced me to limit my movement (unless you count some godawful costumes). Now I can see myself using handcuffs, ropes, and braces. This concept is so exciting because art itself is a confrontation of creativity and boundary. It is by working within limitations that artistic effect is achieved.

3. Third is a solo dance for film, shot in a desert not too far away from where I live. I want to dress in red and use the sand dunes to my advantage. I just discovered Björk but I should probably stay away from music with words, especially in a nature-driven dance piece. The dance style will be very modern, with tribal and Indian elements.

4. Another dance for camera – this a solo tap number. The concept’s awesomeness is all about location – I’m going to do it on the outside steps of the political science building, using the stairs and railing to great gymnastic effect. I think I’ll use Izza Kizza’s “They’re Everywhere.” The percussion is simple enough to let the tap beats stand on their own.

5. The least developed of ideas is a modern partner dance based entirely on small hand gestures and intimate touches. I think this could, potentially, be quite revolutionary.

I’m going to take ink to the dress rehearsals (of the fall dance revue) and do some rough sketches. We’ll see how that turns out.

Writing projects:
1. I’m thinking about writing two books of short stories simultaneously. Working titles? Impulses: L’édition gris and Impulses: L’édition bleu. They will each have the same table of contents, but different stories under each title. I don’t know how to explain it . . . well, for example:
“Spin Cycle” in L’édition gris is about a daughter’s relationship with her crummy advertising agent father.
“Spin Cycle” L’édition bleu is about a little boy who is convinced that there is a mermaid in the washing machine.

2. Then there’s the novel I’ve been writing since forever. No title. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s a teen movie, it’s a bildungsroman, it’s a history of violence, it’s a call to arms, it’s a tragedy, it’s a sexist joke, it’s an American dream, it’s a radical feminist manifesto, it’s a journalistic acid trip, it’s a drastic reimagining of Some Kind of Wonderful, it’s your best friend’s girl. When will it be finished? Probably never.

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