New Members to RedBubble Part 2

Sherri Nicholas

From City: Rancho Mirage
Country: United States
Art form in any kind is my passion
My love of art started when I was in third grade.
I was on pause from painting for years, I had a wonderful restaurant In Chicago and also have five children . so you can see why my artwork was on a little bit of a delay.
I started to paint in my office, sold many painting . Now I am retired and devote many hours to painting and now trying to learn digitalEtc.
A Artist of many interests..


From City: Adelaide
Country: Australia
Images give Meaning to our Emotions…they do to me..and due to Our Uniqueness we see the World from Different Perspectives..thus we Humans are an Interesting Species..and we absorb more than we Realize.. All those Moments will be Lost in Time like Tears in the Rain…at least here we can share awhile…Nexus…


From London, UK
An abstract digital Artist that puts a smile on your face.
Hope everyone enjoys our New Members and welcomes them to Red Bubble

Best of Luck to all

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