Greetings to New Members in Redbubble

Time once again to introduce new members to everyone here…These are some fantastic Artists I would like to share..Please welcome them and view their Art….You will not be disapointed….
Joshua Sharley

City: Unley
Country: Australia

Awesome Artist a must for you viewing.

Michael Creese

Country: United States
Born in Chicago, Illinois, and studied art at Carnegie Mellon University, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
A Outstanding Artist of Oils and a must see


From City: Hannover
Country: Germany
Two years ago I discovered the world of Photoshop. Now I am an exalted fan of digital art and I love to design this way.
I want to express my feelings with my work and I want to give other people an understanding of what I love for.
An Artist of Vision enjoy the art.

Marja Sterenborg

From Beuningen
Country: Netherlands
Marjas Art speaks for itself, Refreshing and Fantastic.


I started doing CG when I discovered the 3D software Vue 6 in 2007, it has since become a passion.
I love digital work, it is magic to me how one can transform something ordinary into an amazing emotional journey! PhotoShop and Painters are my next goal, I really enjoy playing with layers and textures.
Get lost in her art it is a adventure to enjoy.


From Paris
Country: France
French woman painter, IB visual art teacher and Fashion Design teacher. I’ve been an artist since a child, my passion for creativity have been rich and diverse. Having been a fashion designer, interior designer, mural fresque painter, sculptor, theatre costumes maker and involved in many other media.
I Love the French, their art has a unique way about it…Fantastic Artist

Alena Lazareva

From Naberezhnye Chelni
Country: Russian Federation
I studied at the School of Art at the artist. Then I went to the graphic design courses, and began to paint in Photoshop.
I love to paint in the style of Fantasy: fairies, elves, mermaids and angels.
I use: Photoshop CS, Wacom Intuos3.
Her art is a charming fantasy..

Myn B

A digital Artist with Vision


From City: Vicenza
Country: Italy
I am an italian photographer.
His Photography is outstanding,touching.

Please join me in welcoming these wonderful Artists to Red Bubble
Welcome from the Scouts Vickie coppertrees

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