Ramble #2 keep on spending

going to the store, spend spend spend, walk out with a smile meet a new friend
unleash the plastic so fantastic, spend spend spend, fill up your house, buy a new couch and a table for the end
spend spend spend on what you want, get buy without what you need throw some green to fuel corparate greed
spend spend spend with plastic they lend, they treat you like a friend
fuck you like a whore open the window but close the door, leave you passed out on the floor, mouthwatering for more
There on TV telling you to spend spend spend, on the radio, it’s every where you go
brake the bank keep up with the jones, get you advance from Payday loans
what ever it takes just keep on spending
credit card offers they keep on sending
spend spend spend you don’t have to need it you just need to want it
spend spend spend

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