Ramble #1

My first attemt to type down words,my thoughts are random like flying birds.
I am dislexic, I can’t not spell, so word police you can go to hell
It’s late I’m lost for words to type, 2 finger pecking I’ll be hear all night
Have you ever stopped to think a thought, forgot to answer the question ask, drank Kentucky bourbon from a metal leather wraped flask, smoked a joint just to watch the sun, gone to bed in the middle of the day, danced all night ,slept with flowers, went to work without taking a shower. I’ts none of my buisness but I’d like to know, Fast or slow, does size matter, in a shotgun shack you can’t hide from the scatter.ramble ramble ramble on I wish cash could have coverd a zepplin song.
hectic and skeptic well versed in Rejection, its so hard to type with a full on reflection.
Just messing around with words in my brain, step out of the way of a full loaded train.
play in the snow, flirt with disaster, turn slave into master, master to slave
treat everyone the same, with Love, and respect. listen,look and Love , Listen, look and Love.

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