I actually made my first sale!

Just when I’d given up on ever making a sale on “The Bubble”… I sold a copy of Alienation the T-Shirt. Sure, I only…

The Difference Between Having Sex and Making Love?


A Letter I’ll Never Send To Him

When you finally wrote to explain the why, you said, “I just never really could love you like I thought that I should,” and you…

More Than a Star

For centuries it seemed, I searched the heavens / Unsure that what I sought could even be / Yet resolute that I could seek an eternity / If…
Feline Grace by Constance Ssssductresss by Constance Crime of Passion by Constance Watching Over by Constance Blue by Constance Seven Deadly Sins by Constance Wrath-Seven Deadly Sins #7 by Constance Sloth- Seven Deadly Sins #6 by Constance Gluttony-Seven Deadly Sins #5 by Constance Vanity-Seven Deadly Sins #4 by Constance Envy- Seven Deadly Sins #1 by Constance Greed- Seven Deadly Sins #3 by Constance Lust- Seven Deadly Sins #2 by Constance


If I call him an honorable man / I am sarcastic like Marc Antony / In his Shakespearian oration / For I will not worship the image / Of a k…

At Last True Love Requited

The harmony between us / Has freed me of all the fear / Our melody has entered / Soft, low, restoring my soul / Oh, the world is new again!

Story of Man

They not only prepare the sacrificial feast, they are also the birds of prey who will come to dine on what little is left.

Night’s Promise

The night has drawn her cloak, tight / Against all hope and all fear. / Both emotions craving light, / Shall return when dawn is near. / Fo…

Castles Fall

Perhaps little girls dream of princes, / Build castles in the sand / But sooner or later the dreams die; / We come to understand / Fantasie…
Braving the Blizzard Three by Constance Diablita by Constance Guardian of Light the Shirt by Constance Alienation, the Shirt by Constance

Wanton Kisses

Futile tears fall like summertime drenches / To my bodice of inferior lace / For memory is not all we made with kisses
Angel Has Fallen by Constance Alienation by Constance Pain's Reign by Constance

She Will be Noticed

…Yet her taste forever eludes / As is her sole intent.

Lest You Forget You (A Sonnet For My Daughter)

…Remember who you are in times of woe: / The most important person you can know
Guardian of Light by Constance Woodland Faerie by Constance Melissa by Constance We don't want a Fairytale....  by Constance Best Love of All by Constance Unmapped by the Stars- Take Two by Constance Unmapped by the Stars by Constance Love Is a Wave by Constance My Company The Naked Trees by Constance Primary Woman Removed by Constance

Love is a Wave

It is not found within young lover’s gazes / For there is a difference ’twixt it and lust / Ask the old and they will tell you …
Headache by Constance Old Fashioned  by Constance Primary woman by Constance Painted Sepia by Constance Flower (by Anya, age 3) by Constance Self Portrait by Constance Cold Gaze by Constance Braving the Blizzard Two by Constance Braving the Blizzard by Constance Woman in Sepia by Constance Here's Looking at You...  by Constance From The Shadows She Comes by Constance Pastel Necklace In Red by Constance Pastel Necklace Two by Constance Pastel Necklace One by Constance Portrait 2 of Robert Gray 2007 by Constance Portrait of Robert Gray, US Army 2007 by Constance In Everything a Face by Constance Self Portrait- sketch with color added by Constance Mother and Daughter by Constance Lone Tree On New Year's Eve by Constance
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