da fuq

i ain’t high

Someone killed my bubble

blah blah blah

How I’ve Grown

I used to be needy, / always in a relationship. / Based on relations, / and that sorta shit.

Robbed of thoughts

blah blah blah… robbed thoughts. blah blah blah…

Evil Moves Over (EMO)

Sitting in my dark corner of the world / Blasting Emo music as loud as possible / Wasting time and emotions on a girl / That i didn’t…

Everyone and every thing, Is,are,am MY MUSE


Return from the hospital

I have just arrived from my annual trip / the one where everything is subtle / where i cannot get a grip / in my mind there is trouble

I <3 the SUN

tequila makes her clothes fall off… / really……. it does!!
Lego Joe by conceited

speratic climatic subsonic tonic dispositioned no…

Love is a hassle, / when i’m the asshole / that speaks of truth / rather then illusions .

double or nothing

stank thoughts medicine

Next to None

i would sacrifice / my life / For a Romance / Romantic suicide / my heart’s inside / For one more dance

mumbo jumbo

What is real / becomes fake / and I am easily amused

Blah muh fuckin Blah

But you’re gone like peace / in the middle east
Yesterday's sun by conceited

i wear my mask well

fuck you like i do

i spit fire

f u c me

Please don’t shoot me down

people sellin their soul / for that next fix / drugs coming in the mail / like netflix / I stay thinking / grown ass men bottle fed / stay…

A strangled heart

death loves happy people / people that want to die, never do / until they are happy

not forgotten

it kills me / to think / you have / just given up
I found this for you by conceited


when i was younger / tiny and frail / i believed she could save me / from all the pain and hurt / of the world
My Mania Kicked Your Mania's Ass! pt. 2 by conceited

replace me

inside of me / does not cause happiness / things outside of me / I look for / to replace how i feel

how one feels

I’ll cut my heart out, just for you / in shock, you won’t know what to do / tell you this is just for you / that’s how i …

Begs and Pleas

anticipation has her yearning / desires growing, inside burning / patience all dead like a malpractice doctor / the way she’s feelin…
Bringing back the old school by conceited Pink Sony Ericson Walkman Cell Phone by conceited Disposable Picture of Buhl Park by conceited

follow me

as soon as / we become comfortable / with one another / something grabs her / and pulls her away

dying with care

dying with care / compassion bleeding through my eyes / my soul is dying, expressions i can’t bare / Sell myself to you, give you eve…

paranoia conspiracy theory

Till recently / you could / spot the abc boys

You don’t believe me

if you could only see / the truth in my eyes / would you do this to yourself?

Letters Of Lust – collaboration

I wonder if you could handle me?
 / Have you ever played with fire like me? / you ponder if i could handle you / so you ask an arsonist / …
Business Man by conceited When I was gangster by conceited My Pink Air Forces by conceited 2nd self portrait  by conceited Conceited tattoo  by conceited

Smoking is no longer fun

My greatest pleasure / is currently ruined
A picture of the sky with sun shining through by conceited

I take a drag

i take a drag / hold it in / let the tar build in my lungs / exhale pollution in the air
Conceited Self-Portrait  by conceited Dark Sky by conceited

the worst approach

i’ve lost myself / in reality. / glimmers of hope / bother me

She doesn’t know

she is the sun of my day / the moon of my night / and the stars in my eyes

worry I not

Her voice resounds in my head / melodic melody soothing my fears

my perception

Emotions run deep / flowing through my every being / burning with affection / that flows like lava through my veins

Her Smell

with love and affection / surrounding me / with emotions and feelings / drowning in her love / i die happily

My Most Embarassing Moment .

what in the hell did he find so funny? / Then I noticed…. / I singed my damn hair on the stove while lighting my cigarette.. / and wi…
Black n White Pittsburgh skyline by conceited

why me?

my feelings get murdered / and depression sets in / happiness fades / and thoughts result in making it all go away

the night is young

i search / looking / for what i’ve never seen, heard, or touched before / person, place, or thing / really doesn’t matter / as …

Escape from myself

Reality to me is not real ! / because of the feelings i feel, / are based on lies, / so i have the feeling that i want to die.

As morning awakes me

meditation to listen to something greater than me / always seems to comfort me / in my time of need / my savior saves me from myself / an…
HAI LAR MONKEY by conceited Binary Girl by conceited HUGS SAVE LIVES by conceited PINK EYE by conceited addicted love by conceited
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