5/15/2008 4:09pm

in my disgrace of looking in the mirror at my face.
i up the pace and go with haste, that i may leave this place.
go without a trace, be erased, afterlife embraced
no longer in the chase, moving on from lost faith
these are the thoughts of a basket case

dreams of death and silence riddle me
visions of breath and science belittle me
because what cannot be explained doesn’t even have a explanation
based on fake facts of the past
history is a lie, the pictures i’ve seen were painted…
just like today’s painters can paint imaginations they’ve seen
but that does not make the painting, a painting of something real!
my imagination riddles me with such questions,
as if, if there is “A” god
why would he let others worship another “GOD”?
and where did this god come from?
it/he/she/whatever had to start from something!
blah the reminisce of my mind is a scary place…

so i shall right about it

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