wiw!! three features!!!

I can’t believe three features during this diffucult time I am having with internet. I am so greatful to Sally Omar and Valzsart- bits and pieces for featuring “blue moon showered” and “apricot tea rose” and also to All pets great and small for featuring my “Aussie christmas card”. I really appreciate all the work that goes intop moderating groups and I would also like to thank those of you who continually support and uplift me. You are a wonderful red bubble extended family and I love you all. I feel I have learn’t so much and made so many friends here, it is wonderful. I am still experiencing serious internet problems and only getting about 1-3 hours a day on internet, please bare with me a little longer. I have had serious RB withdrawal over the last couple of weeks, I am not actua;lly sure there is a cure, except get the problem fixed. I am trying but the phone line provider and the internet provider are arguing over whose responsibility it is. I think the solution is to have the same company for the phone line and the internet service LOL! never mind, thankyou to you all, cheers and hugs- Valerie

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