My wonderful friends!!!

I have had a bad few days and am very behind with my viewings of your beautiful work. The biggest shame in this is that it uplifts me so much to look at the beautiful images you continue to produce, so at a time when I should be enjoying your work, I am not able to view it. I have had a devastating virus sent to my main computer. I have been trying to clean it out but have been unsuccessful. Please be aware: if you get an email from an airline company with an itinaray attached, don’t open it!!! We were expecting an itinerary from my stepdaughter and were not suspicious at all until it was too late.I have also been struggling with severe arthritis this winter and have found it very debilitating. I hope to get back on track and catch up with you all in the next few days, but please bear with me in the mean time, thanks for all your support amd wonderful comments, cheers- Valerie

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