Bodies Revealed

I visited the exhibition ‘Bodies Revealed’ yesterday, and found myself haunted by my own visions, left over like lingering shadows, unable to shake off the impact of sightless souls who are permeated by poymer, like a new age taxidermy display. Persons of disputed heritage, transected in every variety of possibility, hung on poles, a macbre crusifixtion to edify the gandering crowd. Prisoners from China? Executed? Spirited away from the nameless dead of the street? Controversial certainly. Sightless, glazed over eyes, not glass replacements, stare back. If a pergatory was their destination, then they had each arrived, to spend some part of eternity suspended, pealed, vivisected for the gathering of gawkers. It is not the individual parts of bodies that haunts me, but the defoliated corpse, each neve, vessel, sinew, muscle, organ, bone …. exposed, without the soul’s sanction, the timeless term of theatrical display that shrowds both the cadaver and my mind. The display pretends science, impersonates art but the resonant spectre of the Colosseum permeates the display and despoils my imagination.

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