Back from the Great Southwest

Yep. That about says it…..Back to the grind..
Just got back from camping for 10 days in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. I truely can’t get enough of this country. I have had a passion for the southwest since I was very young and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to live that dream.. It has never dissappointed. Maybe that is why we have managed to take 3 visits within the past year. Keep an eye out for some new work… finally? heheh and also watch for new work from some of the guys that also went on the trip.


I also, finally got a chance to REALLY put the Nikon D300 to the test…. I really love this camera!!!! I will be posting some samples shortly. Hope you all enjoy the work I will be posting and let me know what you think.
Take Care Folks!

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