"My Creativity" An interview with Sky Fox

I’d like to extend a gracious thank you to Sky Fox for taking the time to open up and share so much with us.

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

When I stumbled across photography – I reached my Zen – finally! It was as if one huge part of me was missing and I could never put my finger on it. I couldnt fill that void. Not really a void but it was as if I didnt know all of me. Odd feeling in which I do not miss. It was as if I was a half circle until I found photography – then I came into full circle with nothing missing and everything in my vision. I was finally ‘full’!

This was a period of time in my life where I was desperately searching for Enlightenment. Ask and you shall receive! Im now well on my way down the path to Enlightenment – at this point – and I have been blessed to have my camera with me all the way!

However – I was not always the person I am today. I suffered horribly from Ego – as I had been thrown every obstacle LITERALLY possible yet I continued to walk on and rise above. I had to be convinced I was going to Kick this worlds ass or it was going to eat me alive – those were my two options. Through that time I had to be a ‘bad ass’ or die. So I lived in darkness until my 20’s as my EGO was driving me rather than my Enlightenment – for I had none.

I had a fairy rough go in the early years of my life which I dont whine about – it has made me the person I am today. However – when one has to overcome such drastic and severe obstacles for mere survival – one tends to go into EGO mode to make it through. Its a natural human condition. One CAN NOT possess both EGO and ENLIGHTENMENT – therefore – I had to let one go.

The one would be my Ego, Amen! So there I was – 14 – some lil Cherokee girl with a dead Granny and no one else that wanted her – same as the day I was born which is why Granny raised me til she died in the first place. So – I did as Granny instructed and left the reservation the second she drew her last breath – knowing the ‘government’ (very scary to Native Americans) was coming to do with me whatever they saw fit.

In short because I do tend to be verbose – being creative allows me to express myself as strongly as I would like to – now that I lack any and all Ego. Expressing yourself is much easier when youre suffering from your Ego. You simply do what an ass would do under said situation. Without an Ego however – one sees the forest and the trees! All of the light shines straight on you! You dont need a spotlight! You have one already burning – forever! There are no more battles for you arent willing to fight! You have nothing to prove to anyone for your actions speak louder than words ever could. Being creative allows me to better explore my path to Enlightenment and hope others will come with me! It also gives me a platform to touch issues I feel need more attention in our society.

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful

Oh wow – this one is impossible! I am literally inspired by everyone! All of us have our own special style. Allow me to instead tell you whom on redbubble has helped me make this venture both professional and profitable:
When I first came to the bubble – I met a guy named Karl Denton
Instant connection! He cared for me and likewise I too care for him. He took HIS time and a bit of money to set me up with a site and an email – both extremely professional. I will never forget this gesture and to this day I love him dearly! Not only because he is awesome but because he genuinely cared about me.

Also – I must mention Mr Sean Farragher
This man has supported me from a point-and-shoot all the way to DSLR! He has hit EVERY single solitary piece of my work! He has rooted for me and is so very kind – loving – supportive and encouraging! I am so blessed he even knows my name!

Making the Home Page is always a very special and humbling experience! Very meaningful to me to be acknowledge in such a way amongst so many astonishing artists! I LOVE every single one of you – even the ones that hate me – for they are still suffering from their ego. No one can possibly hate me unless its spawned from evil jealousy because I know – as you know – I have never hurt anyone in my life. Ever. I am known for going out of my way for people. I rest in that. I will give them time to get onto this wonderful path and all will be forgotten! But nonetheless – I love those people too and hope they soon find their path.

Show & tell us about five works on redbubble that have moved or inspired you.


Artist: Scott Ruhs

Artist: Dennis Rubin

Artist: Brad Sauter

(Too many misunderstand my flag. This flag is about PRIDE NOT RACISM. Get over the whole being offended over it!!! I adore it as much – if not moreso – than the American Flag. Its about PRIDE. Nothing less – nothing more. I am American by Birth and Southern by the grace of God and Im not afraid to express that. (If this flag bothers you – read more. You have much to learn.)

Artist: Andy Harris

Artist: Nikki Mulkern

Thank Y’all so much for taking interest in my interview. I appreciate all of you! Redbubble is such a healthy place and I am so very blessed to be here with all of you! I am very grateful for my talent because with it came many… MANY friends. A lot of love here and Im all about giving it and taking a bit. Thanks for showing me some love in asking me these questions. I hope you found my answers of interest!

Love, Peace and Tolerance,

~ Sky Fox

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