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Hey there, I joined a contest to design my thoughts what I can think of “Beyond Surface” and well, I did something pretty political and I would have loved to write this huge description in the box, but since it won’t allow me write more sentences as one, I want to use here my journal to write the description to this piece :)

Oh yeah, you can find the piece by checking out the link below:

But here is the description I had in mind while I was creating the piece:

Excuse me that the description is longer as usual, but if you got time, lust and understanding for art, let me sit together with you and tell you what this piece of art means. I haven’t created this artwork on a rush to “show-of” my skills or showcase my artistic taste. Art is timeless and speaks more languages as the world’s population could literally speak, so let me make you understand this piece’s language.

They say that a life-threatening event will make you see beyond the surface of the world. And that is true; I literally received my second chance to live. Not only that I have found and married my dream girl, she also helps me fighting a chronic disease and so gave me a chance for a better and healthier life. So called a 2nd chance to live.

What that in mind I look at the world today and see just like you things which go terribly wrong, but there is more which you might have not seen yet. Unfortunately things we all don’t know can top that. But is this good that we don’t know what’s happening? No it isn’t. We see the war in Iraq, the permanent race/cultural discriminations, terror warnings and the increasing rape and murder statistics. Sure you know that this exists and you sure hate it as much as I do. But do you also know that each of us has the power to change this into the better? Surely not that we build a chain and touch each others hand. To give you an idea; let the artwork to the left declare war against the culprit of today’s issues; the lack of coexistence.

I want to take you by the hand and make this artwork more understandable :)

-First watch the artwork as a whole and let this inspire you. You may see the obvious (No glorification to Nationalism nor Nazis). What does it tell you?

-The Television-head says: Deliver us from evil, TV

-The text in the back says: Beyond the surface lies more beneath then meets the eye… Half the world, nearly 3 billion people, live on less then two dollars a day. It has been over 50 years since the United Nations (UN) wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and was signed by most governments in the world and yet the abuses continue to grow. Slightly more then half of female victims of intimate violence live in households with children under age 12. The Arctic is feeling the effects of Global Warming the most. Arctic ice is rapidly disappearing, and the region may have its first completely ice-free summer by 2040 or earlier. Polar bears and indigenous cultures are already suffering from the sea-ice loss. The mortality rate associated with Anorexia Nervosa (Eating Disorder) is 12 higher then the death rate of all causes of death for females 15-24 years old. This is not even the top of the ice berg of todays issues…

-The podium where the TV-Headed dictator speaks from, grows out of a country with a huge poverty/death and social harassments rate.

-The Facts on the back of the poster are short chunks of a few more problems. Not to mention Crime Rates, General Global Murder/Suicide Statistics, Domestic Violence Rates, Human Trafficking, illegal prostitution of kidnapped children/women and etc.

-The lady with the towel (not a veil or scarf) around her head talks into a phone in lingerie since many men think that women should do all their activities (even the stereotypical phoning) in short dresses.

-The two soldiers (the symbol on their arms and on the podium is self created and does not exist) are connected to the TV. Their faces turn into ravens and fly into sky.

-The round circles on the bottom are not poker chips, those are medals which reflects coexistence. All religious symbols with the symbol of the female and male combined in a perfect circle with all “eyes” on peace.

After you got those “statements” let me tell you what the artwork means:
Beyond the surface lies the culprit of the obvious issues of today. Everything stands and falls with “roots” and those are the lack of coexistence, respect and love. “Well, DUH” could be your words, and that is the point. Something so easy is the cause of all the worlds issues, no matter if a husband batters his wife or a nuclear bomb erases an entire country, all comes down to the lack of coexistence.

The dictator with the TV head portrays the influence of today’s media on the world. It doesn’t matter if the people voted him for president or dictator or became king by blood, the people who run a world have by far more responsibility as they believe for their own good, their influence causes more deaths behind the red curtain as the Television could portray. The influence poisons the ears of the people, so they only hear what the medias say. No matter if it is against entire cultures, religions and lives of others, people only believe what they see and read in the medias instead of making themselves a perspective of actual facts. He keeps telling his people to deliver them from evil but bathes his hands in blood in the name of the one and only God who would never agree to one only war mankind has ever fought.

The lady reflects men’s perspective of women in general or how the medias portray women to be. Trendsetters set a sign and a bar and everyone who doesn’t follow it will be discriminated by those who do. These trendsetters are not the one who hide in the dark and play Russian roulette with their existence. Many young and old women lose their identities by becoming a general and media structured identity, which has no face, no name and no heart, only a body and one urgency; serving. A woman is no toy, no tool, no body, no face, and no heartless entity. Beauty shines from the inside throughout the outside and faces the eyes of those who recognize true beauty.

The soldiers next to the dictator lose literally their face (ravens fly away) by giving their identity and own proud into the hands of their government to attack another identity. The thread has no face, only a name and everyone who stands in its name will be erased non-regarding their view of coexistence. He/she became human who literally goes into death with patriotic and non-existing views/morals and falls directly into death without having ever lived. No heroes, only chess figures of someone who would never touch a gun.

Those are the obvious criteria, the surface so to say. But beyond surface there is by far more then meets the eye, nothing worse or nothing less harsh but just something which is the result of the obvious issues or even the culprit, the root of all things gone wrong.

The text sheet was used by purpose like this small. Sure not small as the preview to the left since the original design is big like your room door, but if you would take a look from distance that it would lie beneath the surface of the obvious “tumult”. God knows if a dictator would have turned out that way he is when he would have been raised with respect and love and not into a problem what his father done terrible wrong or people who control the dictator like a puppet master.

This contest had to be an artwork, which should reflect our own thoughts, fears and etc. so why did I choose that you might ask? No matter what’s happening, people still close their eyes, shake their head and don’t want to realize how critic and unbelievable terrorising those topics are since billions of victims each day are in one of those issues today. Why should you care? When not you, who then? We cannot help by standing on a shopping mile with flyers in our hands and protest against this, I guess we would never reach a single mind. But by realizing actively what is the matter and already acting for your own sake you have done a big step in this generation. Have you seen that today’s youth is busier rebelling against older generations in case of increasing violence and hate rates? This is all the fault of parents. The fail of the part who had to bring it through life. But what does politics do? Cut wages, increase working times, kick out more people out of their jobs and toss them into poverty. Did you know that every 2nd child on this world lives in poverty? It seems to be a luxury raising a child in today’s world doesn’t it?

But this propaganda artwork hasn’t been created to push people deeper into the puddle of mud, this artwork as been created to open the eyes of those who covered them. What do we actually have in this world as our own identity and word? What can we give a spouse when not only the one and only heart we have? So should we lose our identity to fit into a trend when we should stay true to ourselves? Why should we lose our identity serving a war that will never bring us back home? Why do we not accept us as the ones we are? Why do men discriminate women who don’t look like Angelina Jolie? Why does women laugh about men who don’t look like Brad Pitt? Why are we urgently seeking something what takes our identity away and will change us to the worse? People usually complain with the smart theory that human is build to destroy each other and that the human are the worst beast the world ever held. But why do we accept this?

Like Nazi’s followed their leader with a logo on his arm, we do the same again with a company logo of brand products. When someone has not the newest Puma wear he/she is not good enough? Someday we die and give this world into the hands of another generation and they will treat this world and all God given blessings with the same respect as we did, for now, we still can make a difference and show how its made. Those are little signs, but those are signs non-the less, and that is all what matters. We can’t turn the world into a better place when we switch or fingers or trample into the UN with all of our opinions. We only can do that when we give a role model to those who look at us. Respect is nothing what you can forget to learn.

I am sorry again that this description turned out to be that loaded and detailed, I wanted to use the box on the side to bring you this artwork closer and make you understand what I had in mind as I created it. The creative facts are that this poster is a propaganda poster artwork, which is a mixture of certain styles. No matter if 50s pin up style to vector to photo manipulation. Since this artwork is a mixture of a ton of feelings I let certain different styles influence it to create a whole out of this bunch :)

Don’t look away! Don’t give up yourself! Don’t give into wrong predictions! Don’t lose yourself into someone who you are not. All what you have is yourself and your word and you carry that out into this world, make use of the good in your heart to change the microcosms of yours. Little cogwheels move a big one that is for sure.

Stay true, Stay you! See beyond surface. :)

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