Sorry for my lack of new content!

Hi All,

Sorry for the complete lack of content over the last few months!

I have been looking at all your work and commenting occassionally, trying to keep up with everything that’s happening in bubble world.

Things at work have been completely hectic and with the baby and subsequently my belly growing at a rate of knots, I haven’t had a huge amount of energy to get up and dawn and capture anything really!

Anyway, there should be some new stuff happening soon, I finish up on the 30th May, so will have plenty of time leading up to the baby being born to get out and about (although somewhat more slowly than I’m used to ):o) to take some shots and hopefully I will have something interesting to bring to the table!

Anyway, thank you for your continued support even through my lack of participation!

Hope you’re all well and your creative juices are flowing!


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