Not This Year

I see you laughing and I’m lost in your smile / Just let me / Wrap arms around you and stay still for awhile / Oh I’m so tired …

Summer Slivers

Summer is here again / Strip off and phone a friend / Have a few drinks and head / Down to the beach and then…..


To the wealth of my lifetime / And the people I left behind / To the questions I got right / and the answers I couldn’t find

Self Construction

They waste their time / Finding fences to hide behind / The fences shatter / when you stop building them up

Two Wrongs

An eye for an eye leaves us blind, leaves us crawling all around in the dark, back at the start. Always beginning, never going nowhere. Who…

……with her face all kitten

Passing Moment

Maybe I yearned to join you there / To hear you breath / To touch your hair / To feel your pulse / To make you sigh / And live our lives in…


When the night is over / And the taxi cab has come to take you home / That’s when I’ll be waiting / I still smell your perfume as I lie in …
Between Heaven and Earth by Clovix

Poem for a Lover

As your mercurial eyes rival the sky that glows so high above you, smile my dear and have no fear for you must surely know I love you.

Staring a hole

My eyes stalk out beyond me and gently caress your soul / They push and pull your dignity; they break you and make you whole

I hold the hope

As I can’t help but lean upon you / So you can’t help but depend on me / We’re naked and useless, our legs are crippled / Our bond of love …


Lend me no strength. Afflict me no weakness.

Chapter 4 – Lowe

After the chaos of the preceding moments, the relative quiet concertinaed in Lowe’s ears down to needle points of sound.

It was(n’t) too late

Is it too late? / Tell me


Your words, your beauty (downstairs, on the right) / Your world, your force (see them now?)
Painting for Tim Hooker-Snell by Clovix Clovis Fleeing from the furnace of the future to the eternal slumber of the past, whilst wear Troll hair by Clovix


Cascading light builds an approximation of heaven as Cloud City dances with the wind to its bosom

Poem for a friend

I want to see you mature and find your calling / I want to see you rising up and not falling / I want to see you rolling with the good and …

You know who you are

I can’t imagine how much hate it takes / To blackmail a family with murder, dismemberment, rape / I was only a boy but I heard it all…

S & M

When you’re all tied up your barely human / You’re sex / You’re sin / You’re what I needed


Falling stars and rusted gates
Pearl by Clovix Technicolour Crucifixion by Clovix The still sea is darker now.. by Clovix Deep by Clovix

Love Poem (unrequited or otherwise)

You’re something sweet and crazy, something I would break myself to love / I feel so tired, see you see me

Chapter 1 – The Three, Chapter 2 – Th…

The bulk of our story takes place near one thousand years after the birth of these women, in a time and place where beauty such as they onc…

Safe and Sold

Atomize the feelings falling all around here

Little Man

Black spots dance as fingers push down / Thoughts are very far away, blood is rushing loud

Man walks into a docters office…

Everything looks strange when you see only parts of what you’re meant too.
Human Ruins by Clovix Prozac Babe by Clovix Venus as a Doll by Clovix

Chapter 3 – The Headless

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