Thank you, One and All

Very many thank you’s to all the wonderful Artists for voting for my works in the challenges, and Hosts for the amazing features

In the last seven days I have been fortunate enought to have received the following
Wins, Placings and Features

Won the challenge in the Horse and Rider group ‘Horses that Pull or Tow Things’ with Geelong – Ballarat Stagecoach

Won the challenge in the Mysteries of the Past and Present group ‘An Old Wheel’ with Old Wooden Cog Wheels

Placed in The CatRaven challenge ’Let’s get some perspective’ with Trigonometry

Featured in the Country Bumkin group with In from the catch

Featured in the Your Country’s Best group with Sacred Heart Cathedral – Bendigo

Featured in the All Creatures Great and Small with ’ear, ’ear

Thank you All

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