Why ????

Why is there so much beautiful and amazing art in the Extreme Close-Ups Group, it is making it so very hard to pick just twelve from such a fantastic talented group of fine artists. Anyhow unfortunately we can only pick twelve and so without further ado here they are:
Sparkle Drop by Lyn Evans
A Smile just for You by jsmusic
A Cats Eye View by sherln
Yellow On Red by BobJohnson
Bee with pollen by Kane Slater
Nymphaea by andrachne
Purity by shaneran
My sweetest by desmalta
Sweet Nectar by Edge-of-dreams
Bush Grevillea by kararyder
In Flames by Jayme Rutherford
dragonfly by Etienne RUGGERI Artwork
Amazing work by these twelve fine artists, our heartiest congratulations to all featured members.
Don’t forget to go check out the latest challengers that are running and remember to keep it Extreme Close-Up
Clive, Pauline, Ashby and Trudi

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