New featured members ~ Extreme Close-Ups

Another 12 new featured members have been posted in the Extreme Close-Ups Group, they are:

Ian Berry, Tara Tjahjadi, CapturedByKylie, JuliaWright,
Sharon Johnstone, Carol Brunet, Jenny77, Yool,
roseduggan, CynLynn, Elaine van Dyk, Sue Nueckel

Our heartiest congratulations go those great artists for the fine art, very well done.

Please go and congratulate the fine artists on the achievement

Clive and Ash

NOTE: The next featured members that will be posted on Sunday 21 December 2008 (Australian time) will be the last featured members for the year. The next 12 featured members in the New Year will be on Sunday 4th January 2009

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