makes getting cold worth it

On that wonderful Tuesday morning when Greenland looked towards us as a winter destination, I had a few minutes to kill, so finally pulled up by the bridge leading into Little Town in Lancashire over the River Ribble.

Ice and snow had frozen the reeds and grass into patchworks of weaving as left by the recent high water flows.

So there is me trying to get a decent shot of the bridge, with the sky not helping or the cold when suddenly I hear this deep honking sound. nearly jumping out of my skin, there was a full grown swan almost looking over my shoulder.

well after trying to photograph it while it half stood in the water and tried to nibble the ice, failing due to a still being on the settings for the bridge and having the filter still on and the fact it kept moving.

One conversation later as it stayed there while I shot some photos of the bridge, I headed back to the warmth of the van. OK, soft hearted me, headed back with grub for the bird, now methinks this bird has panhandled tourists before, as it eat the ruddy food out of my hands.

Just one of those nice moments when the world passes you by and you are left to satnd side by side with mother nature

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