Signs and thinking out loud

I have started recently to put a collection of works together based upon the millions of signs providing information to us the public.

What started it off was looking a security van delivering and picking up cash from a petrol station. To all those who may be thinking of robbing such a vehicle, the security firm have provided you with this information:

“Escape hatch is at the top of the van”, written in big letters on the side of the van.

“This vehicle carries a safe to which the crew have no access”, so just how do they deal with all that cash?

I sometimes wonder if it is just me, or do the people who put these signs up actually stop to think it through? Like the safe one, ie robber, ignore the safe, there is nothing in it, check the staff pockets and lunch boxes.

Though a recent one I missed the chance to photograph while in the USA was the sign that said “Drive through parking”..

So is it me or does anyone else get these moments?

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