Story telling

Inspired by the thoughts and images of another ar…

“I feel sort of light and faded now”, she whispered to the sun bathing iris, who sighed deep into the water flowing over feet.

The passion of the moment

He could feel her body urging him to reach beyond his limits, the pain of her nails in his flesh, the whip of desire to make her his.

The Pain of Touch

the rivers of sweat flying through the air, eyes crushed deep in sockets, nostrils flaring to grasp at air that his mouth could no longer t…

Jacqleen’s challenge

Now we are both lost in a world where time twists, / each second a lifetime, nerves and chewing lips,

The lady of the masks

From her slumbers she awakes to the confusion of a new day, / caught in the world of in betweens. / For the sake of her sanity / she looks …

Fear and Blind Courage of the Heart

Once there was a frightened and very fearful dragon. He roared at anything, from a falling leaf, the blowing wind, the falling rain,

The flawless diamond

From the fire of that single candle, the room was filled with light and dancing rainbows. The diamond took that small light and turned it i…

The book and it’s cover

She heard the rustle of the material against stone and her body went even tighter, a seemly impossible movement, but she was there, that mo…

Art inspiring art

She sighed a sound that made the air tingle between them and slowly stepped into the light of the window.

The Final Fall

He stood on the edge of the land he had loved for so long, looking out to the ocean he had returned to so many times.

A Spiritual Fable

Once there was a dusty and busy street in a city, where all the fortune tellers, spiritual leaders and would be leaders, healers and con-pe…

At angel’s feet

At angel’s feet we sit and hear the stories of the universe, before we live and act out the role we have chosen in the act of living.

The missing grain of sand

One day a travelling soul came across a bay. The sun filled the bay with a light that danced with energy and warmth. The sea was a sheet of…

For Ms J, on “Burning to be free”.

Of echoing marble palaces she came, / torn by the heat of the music from genius fingers, / slow roasted by candle heat and flickering fire,…

Two great photographers, two dodgy stories :)

Doth my eyes play tricks on this body of man? / What nature of the gods to play such tricks? / A sprite, aye, a sprite of the goddess born,…

Touched by beauty

in silence she left me, / for this heart was complete,

The novice monk and the master

“Yet you have never lived the world of humankind, never lived the lessons that you preach the results to others, passing judgement on…
A gift for tomorrow by clickinhistory
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