"I climbed up into the stars tonight"

I climbed up into the stars tonight,

rung by rung, I removed myself from Earth,
to the top of this ladder, that seemed
to put me next to God.

O’rion, himself, hadn’t a better view of life,

than my ladder, there in the stars.
I saw lakes and rivers, roads and towns.
I saw for miles, blinded only by the horizon, as it
bent out of sight, and then to sleep.

The winds were sharp and chilled, there, in my chair in the clouds.

But there was a feeling of power, that kept my blood warm.
The lights of life dazzled all around me: above in the heavens, below on the land,
and my place- somewhere, here in the middle.

The fears that we choose to confront,

are the battles that we choose to win.
And me?, Well….
I climbed up into the stars tonight.

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