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Do you think the colour blue is confusing to an ant? Did six really cry when seven eight nine? How much does that polar bear really weigh and is it enough to break the ice?

In the ideal world – we would all live in a perfect society!

In that society there would be no bullying, intolerances, mental health issues, stigmas, abuse,inequality, allergies, disabilities, chemicals and insanely scratchy clothing and uncomfortable shoes!!

Actions speak louder than words or so l was always told, and of course it is true. Saying something means nothing unless you are willing to follow through with meaning. Classic Eggshell Moments as a small business will not change the world, but as they say ‘you are never too small to make a difference’.

In 2015 l read two books in quick succession – one by Richard Branson and the other by Sir Ken Robinson – and those two books combined changed my entire perspective on life but more importantly encouraged me to follow my passions.

I had been looking to drive my energies into a new business venture, one that would allow me to exercise my taste buds for diversity and encourage my eclecticism to emerge not forgetting something which would incorporate the colour spectrum umbrella of Autism!

What could l do that would combine enthusiasms for a love of dogs, Asperger’s, autism awareness, writing, organic gardening, mental health stigmas and taboos and the conservation of our planet’s fauna and flora?

The answer arrived in the guise of both a journal for my love of writing and tee-shirt designs for everything else. These days l wear nothing but comfortable casual wear, with the T-shirt ranking very highly on my ‘most worn’ items of clothing! I thought why not? A comfortable tee shirt with an expressive slogan or design on it might be what people are looking for?

Hey, you don’t know unless you try – right?

Classic Eggshell Moments is a clothing seller with an emphasis on Tee – Shirts and Totes and has a Journal. Each Collection represents a phase in my life and each design here has a story of its own which will appear over time within the pages of the Journal postings. They reflect the fact that l am a survivor with an enthusiasm if possible to help others.

My designs are quirky and to the point and occasionally blunt concerning, autism, mental health taboos and my political views and observations. My designs may not be to everyone’s taste – but don’t worry – that is OK.

I have a lot of passions in this world, it’s part and parcel of what makes not just me, but everyone else tick – in addition to everything you have read topic wise, l love tee shirts and l love to write. So if you are not in the mood for some vibrant fabrics then perhaps the Journal is more to your liking – Redbubble’s equivalent to a Blog, so by all means pop along to mine.

Whatever you do enjoy your visit! If you would like to contact me, by all means drop me an email found in the contact section of my site as well as here in Redbubble or alternatively you can find me on Twitter.

Perfection doesn’t exist – but my Tee shirts and Totes do and they speak my mind!

Don’t forget to check out my Blog Posts With in The Journal Here!

Welcome to my Bubble!

Twitter: @ClassicEggshell
Email: rorymatier@googlemail.com

Ps: If you are looking for 100% eco-friendly sustainable fashion organic cotton and bamboo cotton tee shirts please visit my other shopfront here:


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