Bad manners!

I guess this coud have an alternative title of “Widowhood – Part 2”.

I want to apologise for my bad manners in not replying to the comments and faves which people have made on my work in the last 6 weeks or so.

I had my second cataract surgery in early November and, unlike the first one back in early September, this one hasn’t worked nearly as well. I’m regretting having it done. I’m unable to read at all and even though I’ve gone and bought prescription reading glasses, it’s still difficult for me to read. Many pictures are still somewhat blurry! (My typing is still as crappy as it has been for ages now, too.)

The specialist tells me that the actual surgery has healed well but it looks as though this eye is going to take some time to settle down. I’ve resigned myself to having to wear glasses to read forever now, something I’d hoped the surgery would make unnecessary as they destroy the intimate relationshiop you have with the printed page – at least, that’s how I find it! I hadn’t worn glasses to read for at least 10 years now and I don’t like it one little bit!

I’ll find and answer all your comments soon, I hope. If you’ve faved a picture, please accept my sincere thanks via this Journal as I don’t think I’ll be able to find them all beyond a certain point.

Again, I apologise for my bad manners.


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