Lesson 3 Scarcity

Lesson 3……………………..Scarcity

The seeming lack of what you think you have not got; that you believe you need, or must have.
It is in giving that you have all/everything that you want and need.
Giving through love, the joy of giving, giving through compassion, the wanting to lift the spirit of others. For when you give, you are showing the universe; you are showing the self (the belief system); that you have a supply that is endless supply. And that energy of love and compassion in a cyclical fashion, refills the spiralling space from (which was given) and refills it more so because that loving space has now grown outward and upward. There is much more space to receive.
If you can imagine a dark space that has had the light shone into it. What seemed small and vacant before the light; now has more to it. The room of abundance is an endless supply. The more giving light you shine into it, the more will come into your awareness.
This is a knowing/gnowing at a god level inside you: gnosis. It is a universal law: to give is to receive. It is the law of attraction. When you give, you receive. When you receive you are automatically giving back to the giver because the giver has now grown in light. They have become more enlightened. The receiver has also grown in receiving light with thanks and gratitude. It is a circle, a cycle, and just as the bicycle is motioned forward by the giving of energy to one peddle, the other peddle receives the momentum to circle back to the top to now be the giver.
And now; vice versa: If you believe you lack; you will, because that is the energy/spiritual formula that you are telling the universe that it is so. If your every thought is telling the universe that you have nothing to give; the universe will make it so, because that is the formula/recipe you are baking and the universal force of creation will bake that cake for you: the cake of lack.
What is happening is; you are not turning on your own receiving switch and thus it will be so. What you must do here is change your belief system and do it with feeling. You must get into the feeling that: you have. Your belief system is a type of collections of memories from experiences. Because they are experiences, feelings are attached to them. It becomes a type of energy that you colour yourself with. You have painted yourself with the “ I lack” energy. This has happened for a number of reasons: your parents may have continually re-minded you that there wasn’t enough, you religious congregations may have told you that you are sinful and so don’t deserve or must go without. You may have brought this energy with you from your past incarnations because you did not master that lesson in that life. It may be the circumstances you were born into and so on. But just like on the computer you can delete or alter the colour of the text: so too you can alter or change the colour of your belief system.
There are varying strengths of the giving/receiving energy. If you give because you want to receive, this is like deleting the space for the new text to arrive. But if you begin to just give in tiny ways for the sake of giving: simple things like petting a stray animal or doing the dishes for you mum. Then, bit by bit you give more: give to the needy your old unwanted clothes and belongings. Eventually your belief system will begin to be coloured with just automatically giving for the joy of giving; it is what you do and who you are. Without even realising it abundance will be flowing naturally into your wide open receiving space. And so when you give, it ripples out to others and across the universe because you are enlightening others by allowing them to receive and in doing so giving back to the giver because both are now more enlightened.
This universal law is the same for any belief system. You can simply change/re colour it from the negative to the positive. If you believe you are unhealthy; you will be. If you believe you are sad and lonely; you will be. If you believe your life is sad and hopeless; it will be. This is the law of attraction. Those thoughts you put out into the universe are what you will attract. It is the same for you relationships, financial status, how people think of you and treat you. If you think you cannot get the job; you won’t. You draw these energies to you because we are electro-magnetic. It comes in through your mental body (what you believe, how you think). This affects your emotional body (how you feel) and that in turn affects your physical body; how healthy you are, and what your physical body looks like. So if you are angry and upset because you believe you have been wronged and people are out to get you; that will happen because you are drawing that to your mental body. You believe it will happen and so it does, and the more you stew over it, the more your emotional body will be affected with feelings of hurt , anger, guilt etc. This in turn ends up in your physical body residing in and affection your organs.
So what is it you want to create for yourselves; anger hate doubt lack, or abundance, joy, peace and happiness? You are the creator!! Your destiny is yours. And when you are happy, joyful and abundant, all those around you are affected and enlightened by your presence in a positive and joyful way. In this state you have no worries or enemies; if your heart is true. For in giving you are receiving…and that is a universal law.
And so it is.

Lesson 3 Scarcity


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