In the Light of Darkness

In the Light of Darkness

From the darkness came light, and from light came/comes/will come All things living; Life….and thus to return unto the void/darkness

The Darkness; painted by those who would……as evil (the reflection of live): evil/live and if you will: Eve-il. Eve; the mother of man. Not one woman, but an expression of the birthplace of human life. The womb: womb-man. And attached to this again…by those who would, is the story of the fall: Original sin. Somewhere to hide blame…deflected from: those who would. Hiding the truth in deception and lies., and placing it squarely at the feet of the birthplace of human existence. And why?…To create a consciousness of guilt, of fear, of separation. A fatal blow to womanhood and the feminine energy (the void, the darkness, the birthplace, nuit, night, nut, nyx, neb-het. To place in the mind of man the belief that at the very core of his be-ing: that darkness is evil. Yet, do you not know; are not the very first words: “From the darkness came light.”

And God said. Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness, and God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night, and the evening and the morning were the first day."

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God….In the beginning was God: the profound empty blackness. More silent than silence itself…the void; deep dark silence; the pre-sence. And in the realisation that I AM, she wished to experience and so…to know….who I AM. And so he divided/expanded/replicated (there is no adequate word for this creation) itself into male and female, masculine and feminine energies: light and dark, yin and yang, positive and negative: two parts of the one whole. And from these two energies: Masculine/ Feminine; expression and the void…All things could/will be/were created.

Yet, only as one, working in perfect harmony with the other, could the song of life be sung. This is the beginning of the manifest…the law of creation. And so creation was put into motion….Time was created. For without motion there is no time. For the very essence of the void is…no time, no space, no where, no when. The void is, was always will be. When motion begins; time begins…this is Energy in motion: Emotion. When motion ends; time ends. This is a light-wave action which is the origin of time in third dimension. Time works differently across the universes and in the different dimensions as light and the light waves are vibrating at varying levels and speeds (this word is inappropriate but will suffice for our explanation/understanding. Time/motion can also be warped/folded…but that is another story for another …time.

The light wave in it’s intricate magic is the prophetic face of the cosmic clock of creation. It’s smile, it’s frown, it’s every expression moves the great hands of time.

The IDEA of that which is to be created must be divided into two equal but unbalanced opposing conditions. Sex is the division principle; masculine and feminine. This division of i-dea (i-God) is the origin of sex/intimacy and it’s initial and real purpose. It is opposing conditions of an idea equally divided in electrical potential. Once again, without this light wave action, creation and creations could/would not be realised. The up and down, ebb and flow, in and out, expression and void, the light and dark, day and night, yin and yang, the positive and negative, masculine and feminine. It is a dance, a vibration, a resonance of musical/mathematical rhythm, a light wave action that gives/creates a motion forward, spiced with the ingredients of desire and right action. If there were only night, all would be black and formless with no life seed to grow or potential for nurturing. If there were only ebb; there would be a stagnant lifeless pond.

If both conditions were totally balanced, there would be no magnetic attraction, no sex, no light and dark, no positive and negative, no masculine and feminine: only one UN-IT one w-hole, one pre-sence. There would be only I-Dea; pre conceived, and no way to bring it forth into expression. For creation to be realised; sex is never balanced. When it becomes balanced; there is no sex: Androgenous.
And so it is

In the Light of Darkness


Bannockburn, Australia

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Artwork Comments

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