Which camera to get?

Well I’m very new to photography, and I’ve taken those two pictures on a 4 megapixel Sony Digicam. I’ve been looking online trying to do some research about whic camera would best suit my needs.

My budget is about £150-£300 (max!!!) and i don’t know whether to get a digital compact camera or a SLR camera. I think if I went for SLR then I’d have to go for a 2nd hand one, which is perfectly fine with me. I’ve noticed this site: http://www.mifsuds.com sell secondhand – i noticed a Nikon D70S there, but body only, no lens.

Do you think this is a good buy? And what lens should i buy with that? Please advise or let me know if you know of any other 2nd hand shops where i can pick up a good camera. Cheers in advance..


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