lack of sales!

Hi everyone,

I feel the need to moan (who doesn’t, lol)…I’m getting frustrated over the lack of sales from this site. Is this something that you’ve encountered: and how did you get over it? Please don’t think of me as arrogant but I don’t believe for a second that i’m the world’s greatest photographer but I do think that some of my pics would make lovely greeting cards or canvas’. It just seems that views of my portfolio dont equal sales…what do I have to do to get one? Grrrrrr……

Maybe I’m too focused on getting that a sale – kind of like the bloke in the pub/club who is desperate to pull someone that others can sense it and back off? Am i that guy? lol.

I suppose selling a card/print isn’t the be all and end all but I can imagine the sens of excitement when you log on a see that you’ve sold a print……wonderful!

Anywho’s just a quick rant. I hope someone has got some handy hints or advice for me…

Be lucky,


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