The funny farm inside my head

Hey there, just thought id do a journal entry on my latest series as i havent really mentioned what its about in the images. Basically im doing a series of portraits on how mental illness can sometimes allow people to see the world and themselves differently whether it be good or bad. People often see mental illness as a terrible negative thing and maybe for some it might be traumatic, but in some cases it is a release from your mind. Freedom of thoughts and seeing a completely different world that most of us will never see. A beautiful world. Some of my images for this project are quite dark, but others have a warm feeling to them. All the charactors from the series are a mix between real cases of people i know, people ive imagined and the way i would imagine myself if i was them. Im doing a series of 30 portraits, some of which i will show on here. others i will put on my website if you get bored!lol. All images are going towards my book im creating early this year entitled…you guessed it ‘The funny farm inside my head’. Anyway, just thought id share with everyone what it was about. If anyones got any feedback, constructive critism or anything please let me know because i want this to be my best project to date so will probly need the help :-D
anyway, thanks for everyones support who have viewed or commented on my work,
cheers :-D

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