Old Boys home

Hey guys, yesterday i broke into an abandoned old boys home near me. I figured i never do the whole ‘blog’ thing so il give it a go by telling you my story about my escapades yesterday.

so i ended up taking my little brother as no one else would come with me…him being 13 i felt a little guilty breaking an entry with a teenager, but figured i could put the rap on him if we got caught lol.not really. Plus he’d broke in before and knew the way in :-D so me and my bro, acting all stealth, ran past the CCTV and i push him up one of the walls only to find a car practically running past my shoes. I smiled politely as i lowered my brother and pretended that i was purely lifting him to see the lovely view of the decaying building…and then proceeded in lifting him up again. When we got down into the courtyard, i found it hilarious that there was a nice pair of ladders to a smashed window that led to the school kitchen and a nice chair on the other side to help us down. How kind.Throughout the whole place these helping chairs were everywhere so we didnt even have to use the trusty hammer we brought with us-just in case….not that im a criminal lol.
The place is massive and was shut down 13 years ago for reasons you dont need me to tell you. So, to say the least me and my brother were a little nervous…mainly me. But alot more confident than when visiting the asylum or hospital. btw, i did not take my brother to those…i took a friend in my photography class who i didnt think realised i was serious about breakin into an asylum.Anyway, We took torches as some of the rooms and corridors were so dark. My brother seemed to think he was in the police or something after the capture of someone, looking through all the cupboards and wardrobes to ‘catch someone’. We didnt catch or find anyone, but we did find some very creepy places. I have seen WAY too many horror films based in derelict places to stay calm in places like this. As i rule i have to take my tripod, even in really light situations as i dont think id get ANY good shots from my hands shaking. There were three floors and 4 staircasesalong the building. We’d been walign aroudn for a while when we smelt this really weird smell…that i can only describe as making you feel bad. That doesnt make sense i realise, but thats what it was. We moved quickly past that part. After taking pictures down a dark corridor for 10 minutes i got really dizzy, at first i got all supernatural thinking, but im sure it was the fact that there was no air in the building, all windows and doors are covered sair tight, with a few small holes in the top levels, so no wonder i felt dizzy.We found a whole bunch of school desks and tables, and teachers rooms, dorms, stages, gym halls and everything you’d expect to see in a boys school.It was really weird imagining how it was and im trying to get in contact with a student from the home as i think that would be really interesting to put with these pictures, how he saw it, and how it is now.
Anyway, im sure im kept you long enough so il cut it short now. My brother found a whole bunch of keys to the building and i stole one of the door handles to add to my collection(having stole from asylums elsewhere) Next on my list, is the mental home next door. we attempted it on the way out, but thought we were pushing our luck not to get caught anyway! first time i havent been caught too. achievement. Me and my brother walked down the path and turned the corner only to see the security walking the block to do the check. close.

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