Redwood City, United States

My name is Francisco Lopez and I currently work as a News Director and Editor of El Chapincito News, a news and community publication...

Lopez El Chapincito - cisco119

My name is Francisco Lopez and I would like to invite you to my store Lopez El Chapincito 119 here on the RedBubble web-site, I have just joined and/or started on this web-site so please bare with me as I am just starting to get the flow of this web-site. I would also like to invite you into my store Lopez El Chapincito 119 so you can look around and maybe even purchase something if not that is allright thank you once again for taking the time to visit Lopez El Chapincito 119 store on the RedBubble web-site. In closing, if you see something that you do not like and/or that I should change please do not hesitate to let me know. Just so you know I have four collections in my online store including: Smooth Jazz Collection 1, Coffee and Donuts Collection 2, I Love Redwood City Collection 3 and El Chapincito Guatemala Collection 4

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