Flood of work onto RB - Apologies in advance... and no, haven't gone into regression that's why I need you to read this : )

Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry if you suddenly get a huge flood of work from me in your activity monitor. I am putting all the work I have done in my short 18 month painting career (as at 01.06.08) on to the bub. They’ll be listed from newest on page 1 to oldest on page “how ever many it is”. I am going to get a card printed of each art work so I can start doing up a portfolio. I have sold almost everything I have done so I think if I am going to start beating down doors of galleries it’s time to get a folio together that demonstrates my progress.

Some of the works are pretty bad, so I don’t expect comments, I really just wanted to warn you. Also, please be gentle and make sure you have a quick look at the description so you can place the work in the time-line accordingly. I’d hate for you to think I’d gone into regression – LOL!

Thanks for your support, your comments and most of all your patience.


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