How Embarrassing!!!

I will have to say that normally…NORMALLY,
I am a rather cool and collected person when it comes to animals…
and while I have dealt with a few different kinds in the wild with no real problems,
I have only once before dealt with one in the house….

When I lived in Kansas,
we had a mouse in the house….
and me, well I had no problem what so ever
aiding in the capture and eventual demise of the intruder…
soooooo that being said,

I did not expect any problems yesterday with another such freeloader….

you see the mouse in Kansas was almost as big as my palm
the mouse I saw under my sink yesterday here in QLD, Australia, was barely 2 inches, not counting the tail.

So, I did not want to actually kill it,
just trap it and let it go out side…
if the cat were to get it later, it would be its own fault, not mine!

I proceeded to corner the mouse on the shelf below the sink, and after a bit of “ring around the canned goods” he was on the ledge with no where to go but into the large jar that I had positioned beneath him.

He had other thoughts of escape though,
and leaped over the jar and started to scurry between cleaning supplies and pipes on the lower level of the cupboard.

I was getting frustrated, and moved a bit too hastily
See, I did not want hit to find a way out near the pipes,
so I scared him away from them, and he decided at that
moment that staying in the cupboard was no longer an option
and he jumped TOWARDS me!

I was on my knees in front of those cupboard doors…
I was IN THE WAY of his escape!
but he aimed for between my knees and was on the floor in 2 seconds flat!
and then while I tried to back up and stand quickly to see where he had gone…
hopefully NOT under the fridge….
I could not see him!

BUT I COULD FEEL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when he had scurried between my knees, he went the length of my jeans to my ankle, where he apparently though that the dark whole that was made by my jeans around my leg would be a great place to hide….

So there I was in the kitchen with the sudden feeling of fur, paws and tail making its way UP MY LEG!!!!

I admit it, I FREAKED!
I screamed… not just the normal little “eek!” scream… but a full “I surely am about to be murdered” scream!

I jumped up
swatted near my knee hoping to make him go back down
and then fled to the living room where i stripped my jeans off in 2 seconds (all the while screaming)
jumped out of the jeans and looked at the little offender as he crawled out from under the pile of denim only to take off under the lounge…

No I did not find him… though I do now hope that the cat will!!!!

It took a while for me to stop laughing at myself… I was shaking sooooo bad!

Richard and I had a good laugh about it when he came home an half an hour later….

though for me, I was a bit red in the face, while he found it quite amusing! lol

Am I afraid of mice…?

but how many of you can say you have had a mouse try to “get in your pants”!?!?!?


hope you laughed at this as much as I have…

keep smiling!

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