” My Entry In the PhotoShop Masters Group – Charlie Sedanayasa “

1: Tell me something about the image?

This image “rust” is something i created after seeing a friends image on flickr … i was deterined to figure out how to transform a face into the texture that was being overlaid onto it …

2: How did you create it?

It is two images, one of my eye and one of a rust texture. i Ioverlaid the rust onto the image of my eye and played around with opacity and erased here and added there and voila. i also obviously tweaked the eye …

3: What version of PhotoShop did you use?


4: Any tips or tricks you would like to Share?

the biggest tip i learnt doing this (and i learnt alot!!) was to erase the eyebrows from the base image so i got a clean brow …

5: How did you go about learning PhotoShop?

I am completely self taught and have only been using photoshop since March this year … if i see something i like i read all the tutes and info i can … i have also learnt alot from other fickr members and will hopefully learn alot in the PhotoShop Masters Group aswell!!

interview by SnowDog

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