While learning the ins and outs of large format photography. I was shooting my tomato plant, it was a good picture but it seemed it wasn’t complete. In school I was learning how to use paint on prints. I thought it was a way of making my tomato print “pop”. So I had two prints one was a silver print and the other was a sepia toned print. I used the (just learned) new method of using paint on a print, I had oil paints and went to work. With the plant, still close by, I painted the stand and some of the flowers and the braces to match the real ones. Well I was shocked at the outcome.So I put this print in the school art gallery and I won two prizes one from the school art Teachers and one from an outside gallery. With the money I recieved I was able to purchase my first large format camera a Combo 4×5 with a lens. I loved the way it turned out. It was print was 16×20 and mounted on a 20×24 board.This was the start of something beautiful in my way of printing. Thanks to the Grossmont College J.C., Art and Photography teachers “Jim Noel” my large format teacher and “Suda House” my alternative processing teacher.

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