Stupid Mouth

Seventy-nine times I counted your whispers,
I slammed in your doors, and carried your limpness body.
Turned in your drink, traded your gamble,
In spite of my anger, I gave you my last candle.
Alone in the darkness (but darkness is only seen).
A repeated word, lecture, lesson, and endless plea.
I am without purpose-not a nobody, just a lost somebody.
Don’t literally take me, you never cared to push me,
(Or even embrace me at that).
Silly belief, misled hope,
I should save some energy for me,
and abandon your show boat.
Fairly good at expressions, am I?
but I am running low on purpose,
and my hands are weak.
I cannot carry anyone-not even myself.
My tongue is dry.
I cannot teach anyone-not even myself.
My body is far too meek.
I cannot lift you, when I, myself cannot stand.
You don’t ask of me anything.
So why do I try, when I know only God can.

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