Screw the lovers, they can’t handle what we’ve made.
There’re so many others, that shadow you to your grave.
Never ceasing love songs, boom-boxes held up high,
The fire-stripes and fast rides that make you want to die.

Countless letterheads, with your name scribbled on,
While I’m waiting for my headstrong pride to settle down.
I’ll mail my breath out to you, my whisper to be yours.
There’s that special window that glosses over shores.

You’re my cracked seashell, that for some reason I adore.
There’s love, then there’s me and you, and we’ve got something more.
Lets fight each other, or fight the world, because as long as we’re together,
There’s tales to be told, sales to be sold, and moments to be bold—
Making love under-covers.
Hold me close and settle down, because any louder and our beats will ground.

Let’s never stop our heartache, because at least the world can hear,
that there was once and infamous heart that was once gently speared.
Of only love, and never greed.
You went away and that’s our creed—
To love not again, but never gone, this for you is my heartsong.

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