The Way It Should Be

Life can be great, and eventually get really bad
But honestly you shouldn’t care,
Because when you’re with that person
It’s the sweetest reality, even when you take it and it’s down and it’s bitter.
When things are real, it means things hurt, but that makes life
All the more worth living, knowing there is a sweetness to anticipate,
So let your mouth water.

Love can’t wait, you should own it and spread it all around,
and honestly being loved back, isn’t what’s most important
Because when you love the right way,
You can give it, and never run out, even when it’s old.
When things are real, it means things make you happy, because
Satisfaction is all mental— knowing that it’s all up to you.
So keep swimming, even when you’re drowning.

Happiness is not even deep within, you can attain it by simply
Acknowledging it, so open your mouth and accept it.
Life is hard, life is meant for the ones that can fucking set the bullshit,
And the obstacles in life aside, and look at them, and understand,
That love is only half the beauty of life, because hurt and pain are what
Drive us to love harder, love with more passion,
and discard defeat for the cop-out that it is.
So keep learning, even while your making the same mistakes over and over again.

Fulfillment comes from God, and God only.
Not from a relationship, not from expensive material possessions.
Shit ends, and shit breaks, God remains.
Through it all. Through every time we deny him, or forget him. God remains.
Stop trying to fill your empty cup with other things,
They will soon evaporate and leave you.
So keep the faith, and when you didn’t or forgot, or will forget, and when you don’t,
Go back, again and again, and keep trying.

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