His ulterior motive and his kiss on her lips, the sound of it makes her glitter.
20 inch hips, the thought of it makes her quiver.
6 inch heels, and chromed out wheels, hollywood is her goal,
Fame is engraved in her soul.

Gossip parties, she embarks on the tuneless singing of lies
That will help her to the topless souless skies.
Trip the one you envy, and say goodbye to your dignity,
Because darling, you are looking like a pigmy.

You don’t have to go far, to realize that you are unhappy,
You went into it unhappy, and you will leave nothing short of that.
Remember that, when you’re alone and the music is gone,
The lipstick smeared, and your license unclear,
That you are now, what you were, and how you have deferred.

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