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“This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.” ~ Don McLean
A year or so ago, I did a commissioned portrait for a couple of their beautiful Mini Sheltie. (It’s in my gallery). Recently, however, Candy passed away. I received a request from the owners to have a memorial plaque of some sort done to put in the yard over her grave. This is a first for me. So, my mind went nuts with ideas. What I LOVE about this commission is that these two wonderful people trust me enough to give me full creative leeway. And I came up with the idea of doing an etched portrait w/epitaph on a flat slab of marble. They said they would find a piece of marble that they liked. Interestingly, they found a 1’ X 1’ piece of tile from the local tile and floor co. The marble that they sent has soft pink swirls and peach to light brown graining. I had no problem etching the portrait on the tile. (and if you plan to do this, be SURE to wear a MASK and protective eye wear!! No kidding!) My problem turned out to be that it is very hard to see the soft white etchings of the portrait in the marble. Not enough contrast to make the portrait pop out. So I had to think of something to rub down in the porous etchings that would remain permanent but not stain the polished marble. I’m experimenting now with a permanent marker. Originally, I wanted the portrait to look like a b/w sketch. But black comes off way TOO contrasty and Candy looks more like a Border Collie. So I am going to go back in with brown tones to capture the true look of a Sheltie. Wish me luck!!!

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