What joy

Yes, indeed….it was a real joy to see my Granddad on RedBubbles home page. Who would have thought it? It wasn’t until last week that I found the ‘Out of the Past’ group, and I thought….‘Heck…I have heaps of old photographs. I wonder if they might interest folk?’

How I wish that I could have found lots of my Granddad’s work….but having emigrated to Australia well after he had died…Mum and Dad only kept photographer pertaining to us as a family. What a shame….

When I was doing my diploma, I had occasion to do some screen printing that was taken from old photo’s. I asked my Dad if I could borrow some of his old stuff and of course, he was only too pleased to help me.

When I looked at the image ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ and turned it over…I was overjoyed to find notes that Granddad had written about it. It was a very strange feeling reading his words….it made me feel quite close to him….and realised that I had gained some of my ability from him.

I’m so delighted that others have enjoyed looking at his work. When you consider that it was taken such a long time ago, I think the composition is quite remarkable and quietly sensitive. He evidently took a long while setting the shot up…I’m so proud that his work can still be appreciated.

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