The hottest place on the planet for Boxing Day.

Well….it’s 6.38 pm as I sit here dripping wet from the heat of our Boxing Day. The news reader on TV just declared that Perth was the hottest place on the planet today. Certainly the hottest Boxing Day on record for Perth at 44.2 degrees Celsius…goodness knows what that converts to in Fahrenheit….needless to say it’s bloomin’ hot!

I spent quite a chunk of the day in my little car driving my Mother back to her home, some 200 km’s from Perth. She’s 88 and I wanted to bring her up for the Christmas it was a long ride down to get her and to return her, too. She seemed to enjoy herself… but sadly she suffers from Dementia…so most of the time didn’t know where she was. At least she knew who we were and enjoyed her Christmas dinner. My sister lives just down the road from her so she gets regular family visits…but sadly she had to work this year over Christmas.

We just polished off the plumb pudding with brandy butter and cream… was divine…but Oh…I’ve over done it.

Anyway, dear RB friends…I wish you all a Very Happy, prosperous, creative and pleasantly warm New Year…all the very best to you, and God Bless.

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